About IMUA

About Imua Outrigger Canoe Club

The Name
Imua means “go forward” in Hawaiian.

The Club
Imua Outrigger Canoe Club is a non-profit organization that races with strength, technique and heart in outrigger canoes up and down the coast of Southern California. Founded in 1970, Imua Outrigger Canoe Club is comprised of adventure-minded adults of various ages who enjoy competing in the ancient sport of Polynesian outrigger canoeing. With our ohana (family) spirit we are dedicated to mentoring our keikis (kids), preserving the environment, and giving back to the community through various local charities.

Imua has proven to be a strong competitive team by winning the Ironman Championship perpetual trophy four times. We continue to strive forward to reach new goals.

New Member Information
Imua Outrigger Canoe Club welcomes visiting paddlers and new members who have prior experience or are looking to learning how to paddle. For practice days and times, go the Team Calendar.

Our Board of Directors & Coaches
See Contact Imua

Our Canoes
Spec Canoes
Haulani (#16) – to surge; as the sea; to plunge, as a canoe: constantly on the move
Kamau (#19) – to keep on, continue, persevere
Kaila Kahiko (#27) – Old School

Bradley Canoes
Paoho (#7) – to go boldy in advance as a warrior
Te Aito (#11) – the strong one, the champion
X (#29)
Kekoaokekai (#124) – Sea Warrior

Racing Association
Imua is a member of SCORA, Southern California Outrigger Racing Association.