IMUA History

In the beginning …

Way back in 1970 … Dennis Campbell founded Imua. Dennis has been paddling since he was a teen, and learned from one of the founders of the sport in California, Noah Kalama. Noah coached, and Dennis paddled for Newport Outrigger. While many of us learn to paddle by sitting in the canoe with a paddle? Dennis learned by sitting on an overturned pail on the beach with a broom in his hand.

After paddling with Noah for a number of years, Dennis decided to form his own club. To do so, he walked into a local paddler’s hangout, Blackie’s by the Sea, in Newport Beach, and asked, “anybody want to paddle?” With that one line, Imua was formed.


IMUA in the Media

Catalina Crossing, (LA Times – 1983)

Imua – 15 year winning tradition (LA Times – 1985)

Imua Has a Record Performance in Big Victory (LA Times – 1985)

More Coming Soon…