2017 Code of Ethics and Conduct

IMUA Outrigger Canoe Club

Member Code of Ethics and Conduct – 2017

As a member of IMUA Outrigger Canoe club (IMUA OCC) and in accordance with being part of the club’s Ohana (family), I pledge and agree to familiarize myself with and adhere to the following “Member Code of Ethics and Conduct”:

  1. Members are expected to treat all fellow members and the general community with respect, honesty, and fairness.
    1. Show respect for self, other members, competitors and the club family
    2. Show respect for the coaches, officers and board members of the club
    3. Show respect for the environment – especially the ocean
    4. Show respect for the sport and culture of canoe paddling
    5. Show respect for the club’s equipment and property
  2. Members are encouraged to participate in and support club activities, events and
  3. Everyone is encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best both physically and mentally as well as support and assist other club members in this same
  4. Behavior such as violence, physical or verbal abuse is unacceptable and grounds for suspension, fine and/or expulsion from the
  5. Members are encouraged to keep the best interest of the team before their personal
  6. Members agree to pay the full amount of the dues by the stated date or will pay in installments according to a pre-arranged written agreement with the
  7. Members understand that they are responsible for actively helping out on the beach during practices and races as well as participating at regular scheduled equipment maintenance days throughout the
  8. Members understand that there are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season and they acknowledge that their individual participation will help build a stronger and more cohesive team. Members agree to make every effort possible to attend and participate in team events whenever
  9. Members understand that for safety reasons the IMUA coaching staff reserves the right to not place a member in a race crew if said member does not meet the required level of physical fitness and/or pass a swim/tread water test.
  10. Members understand that any and all club inquiries & communications made to SCORA (Southern California Outrigger Racing Association) on behalf of IMUA, including complaints and protests, will be made by an IMUA Head Coach or a BOD member, and not by any other individual team member.
  11. Members understand that they or their guests may not park in the paved parking area at the Newport Aquatic Center (NAC) or along the brick wall adjacent to our beach on North Star Lane when attending an IMUA OCC event, even if they are a member of NAC.
  12. I understand that the Club’s Board of Directors (BOD) has the right to revoke my membership at any time as well as reinstate my membership at any.

If I am part of the coaching staff, or a steersperson, I agree that I will:

  1. Treat each paddler with respect, dignity, and consideration
  2. Provide paddlers with program requirements, an organized practice schedule, and crew selection criteria
  3. Make crew decisions based on fair and equitable standards
  4. Be available to explain decisions or answer questions
  5. Foster an environment of open communication with the paddlers
  6. Mediate conflicts between paddlers that affect the success of the paddling program
  7. Seek assistance from the Coaching Coordinator and/or the Club President in order to resolve conflicts
  8. Utilize a positive coaching style that fosters teamwork and promotes the values and mission of the club
  9. Becoming accredited as a SCORA steersperson

As a paddler, if I have a complaint, I will first talk to my coach. If I feel my complaint isn’t being addressed properly, I will talk to the Coaching Coordinator. If I still feel that my complaint has not been addressed, I will talk with the Club President. I understand that if a matter is brought to the Club President, he/she will automatically bring the matter before the Board for consideration and resolution.

I understand that it is my responsibility to uphold the Code of Ethics and Conduct. I understand that the club promotes an open forum of communication and that l should follow the procedures to make myself heard. I understand that I have the power and responsibility to make a positive difference in my club. Given just cause, I understand that the Board of Directors does have the right to revoke my membership.

I will respect club property and member’s personal property at all times. I fully understand that when I leave my personal belongings on the beach or by the club locker area during practice or at any time I do so at my own risk and I accept personal responsibility for them. I fully understand that no one affiliated with IMUA O.C.C., including the club, the BOD, the Coaching staff, and the Committee Heads accepts any liability for damages and/or injury resulting in my negligence to adhere to this Code of Ethics and Conduct.