General Sponsorship

IMUA is a premier Outrigger Canoe Club based in Newport Beach, CA with an impressive history and the victories to support it. There are various opportunities to be an official sponsor of IMUA with the following benefits:
  • Sponsor Logo on the Canoe Fleet. The fleet practices 5 days a week in the large and very busy Newport Harbor, and provides excellent exposure to the thousands of people that traverse it’s channels and byways every day in addition to being highly visible “entertainment” from restaurants and commercial locations facing Newport Harbor. IMUA also participates in every sanctioned outrigger race, and non-SCORA races in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Arizona as well as international competitions. These races extend from San Diego in the South to Santa Barbara in the North, and are attended each week by approximately 800-1500 athletes and their extended families. Additionally, our canoes, as they travel, provide a highly visible (45 feet long, double high trailer) moving billboard for your business as we move them to race sites on the freeways of Southern California,Southern Nevada, and Arizona.
  • Sponsor Logo printed on race jersey With 150+ members wearing racing jerseys plus training jersey’s, the logo branding opportunites are endless.
  • Sponsor Logo on the Web Site. The web site is accessed by thousands to find out information about our club as well as our hosted race, the Noah Kalama Outrigger Classic.
  • Sponsor Logo presence on all printed and online marketing materials (Flyers, Banners, Team & SCORA eBlasts, etc.)
  • Sponsor Logo on multiple IMUA website pages (both Noah dedicated page, plus General Sponsorship page)
  • Social Media Exposure. We have an active social media presence which will post status updates supporting our sponsors. This can tie into the web feed, and provide exponential return on a single posting.

Noah Kalama Event Sponsorship

The Noah Kalama Race is Imua’s pride and joy of the season. The Noah Kalama is the first race of the Sprint Regatta Season, with over 800 participants and hundreds of additional family and friends as spectators. With the day comes an expedition area with tents of merchandise, food, and ohana.   Branding this race is a big deal to us and we are excited to invite you to partner with us.  Benefits included in varying levels of sponsorship:
    • Sponsor Logo on the canoe fleet
    • Sponsor Logo printed on race jersey 
    • Sponsor Logo presence on all printed and online marketing materials
    • Sponsor Logo on multiple IMUA website pages
    • Social Media exposure